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Elite Travel is a company based in Georgia (East Europe), providing tour services for agencies and operators based in Gulf countries, as well as in Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Azerbaijan. We do both – B2B & B2C services. It is already our sixth year in a row that we are partnering with Gulf tour agencies, companies and bringing thousands of tourist to Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia in each season. We are dynamic company offering wide range of travel services, starting from economy concluding with luxury services.
We use our experience to create an unforgettable vacation in Georgia, a magical experience that will last a lifetime.
Understanding that all travelers have different expectations and needs concerning their travel, we offer activities separately and complete packages including activities, hotel and transportation for those wishing to completely take the stress out of travel while visiting Georgia. We are here to help you create your own experiences with the help of our dedicated and experienced travel consultants. Please let us help you explore your options and create a trip that you can enjoy and be happy with.
We implemented the first charter flights from Manama (Kingdom of Bahrain) to Tbilisi (Georgia) in 2016 and opened new destination not only for Bahraini people, but also Saudi Arabians.

In 2017 we organized combined tours in the South Caucasus Region.

Elite Travel was exhibited at ATM, Arabian Travel Market in Dubai in 2015, 2017 and 2018.

The reasons why you should choose our company:

- We are granted the best rates by leading Georgian hotels, due to long-running partnerships between us and hence, are able to offer high standard vacations for the lowest price;

- We have high qualified Arabic, English and Russian speaking guides. This is an advantage itself, since many companies operating on Arabic countries suffer shortage of Arabic speaking guides due to their scarcity;

- We have qualified Arabic, English, Russian speaking guide/ drivers (one person who serves as driver and guide at the same time)

- Our experience taught us our tourist’s general preferences and we manage tours by implementing that experience;

- We provide services for both – groups and individual travelers.